Call for papers

Submission deadline is 8 February 2018 (extended from 1 February).


We welcome four-page papers written in English. We explicitly allow you to submit already published material, or to publish your submissions later elsewhere.


We also encourage authors to submit a short video (max 10MB) that showcases the research.

We reserve the right to selectively compile submitted videos into a promotional video for the event, to increase the awareness of both the performed research and the symposium.

Submission format

  • Papers should be prepared using LateX using the template file you can download below.
  • Do not change margins, spacing or font sizes, and do not append headers, footers or numbering.
  • Use pdflatex to create the PDF file directly from LaTeX.
  • Do not use the hyperref package in LaTeX.
  • Each paper must be submitted as a PDF file and must not exceed 4 pages.
  • The name of the PDF file should be in the format FamilynameGivenname.pdf, where Givenname and Familyname are the given and family name of the first author.

How to submit

Submit via email to

Please indicate your affiliation with WASP in your submission email with the text: 'I am affiliated with WASP'.

A list of submitted papers will be shown under the Programme tab. If your submission is based on a paper that is currently under review, make sure to use a different title to preserve anonymity.